Mashatu Game Reserve

Mashatu Game Reserve in the south eastern extreme of Botswana offers a unique portfolio of Adventure Safari products on a reserve known as the Land of Giants and which provides refuge to the largest herds of elephant on private land in Africa. In addition to the two camps (luxury all-suite and tented) and excellent daily sights of all the African predators (lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, jackal and Africa wildcat), Mashatu is unquestionably the adventure safari destination for energetic travellers and multi-generational families.

With five diverse ways to experience Africa’s wildlife, Mashatu offers, to complement the vehicle safaris conducted by guides with an average of 15 years’ experience on Mashatu ; the world-class photographic experience including two underground elephant hides, mountain biking safaris which complement the horse and walking safaris offered on Mashatu.

The single fastest growth is in the photographic experience where excellent ‘Tuli’ light has engendered interest in Mashatu from all over the world. All our adventure experiences cater for the safari-goer who yearns for a more active and intimate safari holiday.

Three new innovations:

• Adventure Safaris for the exercise orientated.

• Underground elephant hides for up-close photography

• Museum/Room of Discovery





























One of the five senses used by humans to assess and become familiar with their surroundings. There is a common stereotype that the African wilderness can only be experienced with this single human sense. The stereotype is part of traditional thought that the African bush can only be viewed from the safety of a game drive vehicle with little interaction with the sights or involvement of any other senses. The fear of the African savannahs and the wildlife which roam these areas has meant that people do not fully grasp the real magic hidden within Africa. At Mashatu, this stereotype is perfectly opposed and replaced by a unique story.

This story ensures guests at Mashatu are involved a completely holistic experience of Africa where every sense is incorporated in the adventure. Visitors are offered the opportunity to exercise instead of merely sitting in a game drive vehicle and on a cycling safari, one can feel the Mopani bushes brushing against the skin as the dust of the elephant foot paths tickles the nostrils. Galloping on horseback alongside herds of wildebeest, one can hear the clicking of wildebeest hooves and view the Mashatu landscapes in silence, without the rumble of the traditional diesel vehicle engine.

Walking safaris at Mashatu enable guests to be at one with the African bush sleeping under starry skies and listening to the howl of the hyena. A first-hand experience is achieved as visitors feel the coarse sand at their fingertips while learning about different animal spoor. Entering the famous photographic hides ensures guests feel the breeze of the bee-eaters wings brushing past the mobile hides, or the splash of waterhole water from the elephants frolicking just meters away at eye level. And at the end of the day, golden sunsets are enjoyed accompanied by sundowners, while the taste buds are taken on a journey as the Mashatu staff prepare flavoursome African cuisine.

Overall, the Mashatu African experience seeks to provide a thrilling adventure for every sense, so that the diversity and magic of the African wilderness is holistically enjoyed for all our guests.


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